Orange increases investment in Africa's cyber security market

Orange tightens
up security

Cyberdefense centre
in Morocco.

Monday, Nov 12th

Uber Movement unveiled at East Africa Com

Uber Movement unveiled at East Africa Com

Ride hailing service Uber launched Uber Movement for Nairobi at the East Africa Com conference. The solution is based on the application of big data to document the geographical coverage of trips, providing valuable insight into traffic developments, trends and other data.

Loic Amado, General Manager of Uber in East Africa said, "Uber movement is a data sharing website for city planners, civic leaders and third party developers to better understand transport needs of Nairobi."

The site will depict developing traffic situations in the capital city, which customers can utilise to compare past trips, find out which times experience peak pricing, identify favourite drop-off spots and travel destinations, and be kept up to date on important transportation trends.

The company also plans to introduce UberPool, a solution that facilitates ride sharing when only one destination is involved.

Introduced to the US market three years ago, Uber believes the offering will reduce rider costs and ultimately increase driver remuneration.

Uber intends to use its technology to intelligently map out rider location and then organise a single pick-up point.

Amado said UberPool is expected to help with traffic jams because each ride can accommodate up to four customers.

He added that there are plans to launch the food ordering service Uber Eats in the East African market, but did not confirm when this would happen.

According to Uber East Africa, the region has over 7,000 driver partners and over 500,000 riders to date, with the majority being in Nairobi.

Amado confirmed that the UberChapChap service, which offers rides on low maintenance vehicles, will be expanded in Kenya.


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