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Wednesday, Sep 18th

Zambia's Edgar Lungu moves to stem anti-South African tide

Zambia's Edgar Lungu moves to stem anti-South African tide

President Edgar Lungu said he would not allow anyone to attack South Africa businesses in Zambia, including the country's largest mobile phone operator MTN Zambia.

Lungu said it was unacceptable that University of Zambia students were protesting and attacking South African-owned businesses as revenge over the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa.

Over the past week, students attacked South African firms and forced them to shut their doors, including MTN Zambia in Manda Hill and East Park.

The students also attacked South African High Commission after clashing with the police.

Lungu said the students actions are not only criminal, but affect the livelihood of Zambians working in the targeted shops.

"I wish to condemn the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa in all its forms. I urge Africans in other states, Zambia included, to exercise restraint and not to indulge in any acts of violence in the wake of these sad happenings in South Africa."

Lungu has asked the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU) to intervene in what he called "worsening situation" in South Africa, claiming it has the potential to destabilise African unity.

Most local radio stations, including the popular Hot FM, have refused to broadcast South African music.

"In light of the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa, Hot FM will cease to play music by South African artists on our airwaves until further notice," said the station in a statement.

MTN Zambia has thus-far remained tight-lipped over the attacks.


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