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Tuesday, Oct 22nd

Taxify says redirect of its Kenyan domain is malicious

Veemal Kalanjee, MD of Infoflow

An attempt to click through to will result in the user being redirected to the company's main competitor Uber.

Taxify believes a previous local partner is responsible and the situation is being exploited for financial gain.

A statement from the company reads: "The domain was registered last year by our then active local partner in Kenya. We have stopped cooperation with them last year, but they have not handed over control to the domain."

Taxify is looking to use the main registrar to transfer ownership of the domain to the company.

"We have made a request to the registrar to transfer ownership of the domain to Taxify, but this request has not been granted to us until today," the company added. "We do not know why they decided to redirect our domain to our competitors' website, but this could be a source of income."

Other parts of the domain seem to work showing Taxify's content, including the driver partner page.

Taxify recently stated that its offering is ranked second in Nigeria and South Africa, after Uber, and third in Kenya after LittleCab.

In Kenya Taxify enrolled taxi drivers who were not taken in by Uber and EasyTaxi (which has exited the African market), and recently integrated its services with Siri, Apple's voice assistant, enabling iPhone users to order a taxi with voice commands.


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